Nevada County Pets In Need DOLLAR THRIFT

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NCPIN Celebrates the 4th Anniversary of Our DOLLAR THRIFT

NCPIN’s Dollar Thrift Store is now open four days a week! Now open Tuesdays & Saturdays 11am to 3pm, and Wednesdays through Fridays 10am-4pm.

Through generous donations from our community we provide a vast array of very affordable clothing and household décor and books with proceeds going directly to fund our programs.

Jan Hayward, Manager of NCPIN Dollar Thrift says, “Our unmatched low prices enable community members to purchase clothing, shoes, and other household items within their budget, in addition to the store providing financial support to feed the sweet pets of Nevada County. It’s a pleasure to work with so many dedicated, hardworking, and delightful volunteers. Our kind customers and the generous people who donate to the thrift store make it a wonderful place to work.”

The thrift store can always use more volunteers! If you’ve thought about giving back to your community, this is the perfect way to help. Fill out an application today! (link to app)

Volunteer Spotlight

Spotlight on Sue! Sue joined us at the thrift store in 2019, and does a variety of tasks here, taking on whatever needs to be done with enthusiasm and skill. She loves working with the volunteer staff and likes the fast pace of our crazy little store. Sue volunteers to support her community!

Sue is a hiker and a kayaker, is involved in her church, enjoys barbequing with family and friends, and having coffee with friends.

Brodie and Lucy are Sue’s spoiled (her words!) dogs. Brodie, an avid swimmer, was rescued in Yuba City, and Lucy, an 8-month-old pup, is also a swimmer, and can catch a frisbee whilst doing so! Sweet Lucy bounced through three homes before being blessed with her forever home with Sue and her family. What a lucky girl.

Thanks to Sue for being a wonderful part of the Nevada County Pets in Need family. We are truly lucky she volunteers with us. She is appreciated and loved!

Spotlight on Shirley! I’d like to introduce you to our fabulous volunteer, Shirley. Shirley has been volunteering with NCPIN for three years!

She loves working with all of the ‘wonderful, enjoyable, and humorous volunteers, interacting with our wonderful clients, and stocking the store with fun stuff!’

In her free time Shirley enjoys walking her dog Jericho, tending her garden, creating arts and crafts, and especially, traveling.

Shirley adopted her adorable dog, Jericho, in 2017 from Sammie‘s Friends! Jericho’s favorite activity is fetch.

Here at NCPIN we rely upon our many volunteers who donate their time week after week, year after year. Their hard work and dedication to our mission is an integral part of the fabric of Nevada County Pets in Need.

Shirley is a puzzle piece of what makes NCPIN a magical place to work.